How to treat eczema: Treatment options

What is eczema?

Eczema is a disturbing skin ailment normally characterized by skin inflammation, recurring skin rashes and itching. Severe cases are usually characterized by appearance of blisters, cracks, flakes or crust which normally causes bleeding in patients. The word eczema can be used generally to describe a skin condition that is generally affected by rashes, inflammation or redness. Before looking for ways on how to treat eczema it’s important to know which type of eczema you are dealing with.

The most common types are:

  • Atopic eczema
  • xerotic eczema
  • contact dermatitis
  • seborrheic dermatitis

Atopic eczema is an hereditary condition mainly caused by allergic reactions. While contact dermatitis is an allergic condition normally caused by irritants such as; sodium laurl sulfate. Lastly, xerotic and seborrheic are a type of eczema mainly caused by excessive dryness and flaking of skin.

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Eczema symptoms

The most common symptoms as a result of eczema include:

  • severe itching
  • dryness of skin
  • rashes on the skin
  • appearance of scales on skin
  • blisters
  • skin crusts as a result of scratching
  • etc…

It usually affects several parts of the body that include. The face, forearms, scalp neck, and legs.

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Causes of eczema

Although the exact causes of eczema have not been established, most experts point to hyperactive immune response or in simpler terms allergic reactions caused by allergens.

How to treat eczema

Use of over the counter (OTC) medication

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Topical steroids: Most types of eczema can be treated by tropical steroids mostly inform of creams, ointment or gels. These types of creams should only be used only when prescribed by a doctor. One point to note is that these medications usually produce several side effects, and as a result should not be used on kids.
Immunomodulators: Are a type of medication which can be used to treat eczema in both adults and kids. For best results, such medications should be applied immediately when patients experience itching.
Antihistamines: are another effective medication or drugs used for treating eczema. Sedating antihistamines can not only be used to treat eczema but can also help patients sleep easily.

Natural remedies

How To Treat Eczema

Use moisturizing lotions that contains hypoallergenic agents on the affected are. You should however avoid moisturizers or shampoos with alcohol, dyes or perfume as they can trigger an allergic reaction.

Use of oatmeal

Oat meal is another effective home remedy that can be used to treat eczema. You can mix oat meal in your bath water then take such baths regularly until eczema symptoms ease.
To avoid eczema flare-ups people should wear clothes washed with detergents that do not contain perfumes. Avoid contact with perfumes as they can cause allergic reactions thereby eczema symptoms to increase

Diet options

There are various types of foods and supplements that you can consume so as to prevent as well as ease eczema symptoms. Here several options to consider;

  • Omega 6 fatty supplement
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • avocados
  • fresh water salmon
  • olive oil
  • etc…

Foods to avoid

Last but not least: Consuming some foods may only aggravate the situation further. Some of the foods to avoid include peanut, soy, butter, wheat, shellfish etc


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