Eczema: home remedies

Eczema is quite common among people, every ninth person is affected by it. It’s a skin condition, and quite persistent at that. The skin usually looks dry, it’s itchy or swollen, it can crack, ooze, even bleed and blister. If not treated, it can lead to various infections, fungal and bacterial alike. The exact causes of it remain unknown, and it can’t be cured. Only the symptoms can be relieved, and the outbreaks should be taken care of properly. The majority of medication dealing with it works in a way it suppresses the immune system, which isn’t really harmless. Because of this, many look for alternative ways to deal with the symptoms. In this article, we will let you in on some good home remedies for eczema which will spare you from using immunosuppressant for relieving the symptoms.

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Home remedies for eczema: Healing oils

One of the most important things when battling eczema is keeping your skin moisturized all the time. When affected by eczema, or topical dermatitis, how some call it, the skin tends to dry out, crack, ooze and be itchy and/or painful. One way to deal with eczema affected zones is by using natural healing oils as home remedies for eczema, like emu oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties which will soothe the skin and relieve the inflammation. Other oils that also do a good job are jojoba oil (it’s not greasy and it’s light, it won’t clog pores and it can clear the rash overnight), coconut oil, primrose and olive oil too.

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Home remedies for eczema: The diet

The way you eat plays a very important role when talking about eczema. One of the hardest home remedies for eczema is changing and adjusting your eating habits in a way that will reduce the outbreaks. Many won’t be happy to hear that chocolate, dairy products, wheat and sugar help eczema outbreaks. If you see your eczema breaks out after a certain meal, try identifying what caused this outbreak, so you know what to avoid. Also, vegetable juices like carrot, tomato or spinach juices will help reducing inflammation because they are packed with alkaline which reduces inflammation. Also, probiotics do a great job. Those are culture that live in kefir and yoghurts, and have proven to reduce the symptoms.

How To Get Rid Of Eczema

Home remedies for eczema: Cleansing and detox

There are also some cleansing and detox methods to try out, and they act like very good home remedies for eczema. Stop with the juices and drink only water, raw vegetable juices, a mixture of apple cider vinegar, honey and water. The latter should be drank each day. Your fruit intake should be at a high level too, and try to follow a detox program of your liking – there are professional that can help you with assembling a detox diet that will ease your problems. You can also try visiting some websites, as well as find support groups, as you will probably find a good way to battle the eczema by sharing experiences with people who also have this problem, and trying out different methods that have proven to work for them.

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